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Doctor’s Message


The Information Energy Doctrine has been developing for thirty years, expanding its theoretical and practical base every day. It enters the life of a person who has lost all hope of salvation from a disease that enmeshed them like a spider’s web and sucks out all the juices of their life. Yes, in the overwhelming majority of cases, a person does not come to the Doctrine out of curiosity, wanting to gain new knowledge and ideas about themselves and about the world in which they live. No, it is much simpler and more banal. For most, the beginning of the journey is a chronic illness that, like a sentence, will inevitably accompany them until the end of their lives.

Those who did not accept it came to the Doctor — a medic with knowledge of modern medicine and endowed with certain abilities and capabilities — who seems to be, for many people, an amazing and inexplicable phenomenon, thanks to which pains and various manifestations of the disease disappear.

In the process of fighting the disease, I gradually came to understand that there is only one disease, and the rest — symptoms and diagnoses — are just its fruits. As we enter the process of fighting for ourselves and our health more and more actively, we begin to feel not just the need for knowledge, but that we could acquire the knowledge that a university, books, and other sources cannot give us.

Today, for the hundreds of thousands people of our planet, the Information Energy Doctrine has become not just an invaluable «pill» that revives their body, but also the basis of their worldview, a new outlook on life and their place in it. Most people who have accepted the Information Energy Doctrine understand that Information medicine, as a part of the Doctrine, is not medicine in the literal sense of the word: it expands our ideas about ourselves and our capabilities, about the planet and the universe, about the origin and evolution of life on the planet and the origin of humans.

We have discovered the incredible, fantastic capabilities of our body, which, while recovering, convinced and continues to convince us that we are not hostages of our genes. Thanks to the Doctrine, we have become convinced that our life is inextricably linked with the visible and invisible universe, with its stars, planets, with its boundless and endless expanse. Thanks to the Doctrine, we began to ask questions about the structure of the universe, about the unity of the visible and invisible world, about God, about the meaning of our existence, about the spiritual connection and kinship of everything that exists, and to seek answers to these questions.

Today, everyone who has accepted the Doctrine as a support in their life is experiencing a real breakdown of their former worldview, their usual ideas about almost all aspects of life. And I see how difficult it is for many people, especially scientists, researchers, highly professional specialists, with extensive practical experience and powerful theoretical training, because they have to revise not only their attitude to the subject of their research, but also radically change scientific methods and approaches.

There is a concept of a single knowledge, which has existed for tens of billions of years of the life of the universe, and from which humanity has snatched and pulled out only scattered grains, without having the slightest idea of what part of a single whole this piece was torn out. Despite the fact that, over the past decades, science has managed a true revolution in some areas of our knowledge: in physics — about the structure of matter, about the laws of the microworld, about the properties of space and time; in geology, geophysics, oceanology — about the Earth and its shells; in biology — discoveries of genetics, molecular biology, new approaches to understanding the laws of development and life of an organism, the discovery and substantiation of the biosphere, etc., nevertheless, the integral picture of the world still remains a dark and endless canvas, on which tiny light islands of these scattered discoveries appear.

The science of humans is still dominated by Darwinism. It clings tightly to the genes. It is still a hostage to the discoveries of fundamental science in the «inanimate» space of matter. It still views a person as a biological machine of a higher order, which can be interfered with by the use of tools and techniques. There is also no holistic understanding of health and disease, and there is also no single knowledge about a person. From hence come all the problems, none of which have been resolved over all these years. Hence, there is a growth of chronic human diseases. Hence comes the helplessness of medicine in the treatment of chronic pathology, which, unfortunately, manifests itself in the life of every person and leads to the premature departures of our relatives and friends to another world. And we often get to know from the mass media the names of young and elderly famous people, whom medicine could not help…

The Information Energy Doctrine today is the fundamental basis for the development of any direction of science. Scientists of different fields use its provisions in constructing the logic of their future research programmes and in substantiating those results that do not fit into the generally accepted logic. This logic is not just conservative, but dogmatic, and stops the development of science.

I created this site primarily for those who accept the Information Energy Doctrine and live with it every day. And during its existence, thousands of people have already felt themselves to be in the community of like-minded people, close in spirit and outlook. I gave and give everyone the opportunity to enter our home, which is cosy, comfortable and warm. Here, each person speaks freely, taking part in the disclosure of dozens and dozens of topics that concern humans today, without fear that they will not be understood, talks about achievements and problems, asks questions to the Doctor and receives answers to them. Perhaps for the first time in his life they feel welcomed and that they are not left alone in solving problems and life’s hardships.

So, the Information Energy Doctrine is entering the 30th year of its life! Today, its main task and most important goal is to form the person of the future. This means that a person who has accepted the Doctrine enters the path of Conscious Evolution. Conscious Evolution is our way out to a new quality of the state of our world, our attitude to our organism, the universe, our solar system, the planet and humanity.

This task was formulated in the process of development and comprehension of the Doctrine, the purpose of which at the first stage was quite obvious: to free a person from a chronic disease. And in this meaning, Information Medicine, as an integral part of the Doctrine, has played and continues to play a major role, because the “withdrawal” of numerous manifestations of chronic disease (clinical diagnoses and symptoms) in tens and hundreds of thousands of patients is the most important proof of the main provisions of the Doctrine. And the results of numerous fundamental scientific studies at the cellular and molecular level have convincingly confirmed the existence of the information environment as an integral part of the space of the Universe.

Professor Sergey Konovalov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, academician of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences

More information is provided on the Russian version of the website “Immersion into Spiral”

I invite you to our — to your — HOME, which you have been looking for so long. I invite you, my dear contemporary, to my world, to our world, that for billions of earthly years has lived and developed according to its amazing LAWS.

Immersion into a spiral… This is our discovery of the world in which we live and about which we know almost nothing. Immersion into a spiral is plunging into the world of the living universe through the discovery of oneself, one’s world and through the discoveries of like-minded people.

The Universe is opening itself before you … Actively, with goodness, with pure thoughts, with an open heart and an open soul, start your immersion … The universe is our HOME. I stand on the porch of this home and open its doors to you! Come in, my dear!

— Doctor Sergey Konovalov