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Our dear contemporary:

You have entered the Planet of Doctor Konovalov. His followers have taken an active part in the creation of this web site with the purpose of uniting those who profess the whole new world outlook called Information-Energy Doctrine. What does it mean? We cannot define it in a word. But if you are interested in new discoveries in the diverse fields of science, in studying the world around you and if you wish to gain a true health — take a look at our site contents.

Who are we? We are all very different and at the same time very much alike. Today we are almost 10 million people. We are people of different religions: Catholics and Protestants, Orthodox and Muslims, Buddhists… and obviously there are people who do not belong to any particular religion. We are people of different nationalities, races and nations, from all over the World.

There are physicians, teachers, office workers, servicemen, engineers, scientists, businessmen among us. There are quite a lot of young people — schoolchildren and students. There are many retirement-aged people who continue enjoying an active lifestyle, which is not usual for them. All the more as Sergey Sergeevich Konovalov believes: Everyone of any age should keep on living a full life.

In spite of our differences, we are united by one cause: almost all of us have come to the Doctor Konovalov’s Centre in the most hard and sad moment in our life — overpowered by a disease, overwhelmed by trouble, disoriented in life or emotionally wounded. And then we have come to Doctor Konovalov. We have been met with his most sincere care and concern for our life, his professional medical competence and also we have found new amazing knowledge. We were immersed in Love. Everyone has got real help and support in life, and some have saved their very lives. Doctor Konovalov has become a very close person to us.

We did not wish to follow the health care workers’ daunting diagnoses and to die of oncology like they expected, or to become disabled because of multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. We did not wish our children to live in sufferings and diseases just because the contemporary medicine considers chronic disease conditions to be incurable. We did not want to admit facts that most people consider inevitable…

We have made a choice. Our choice is to live and to be in good health! We have believed Doctor Konovalov! We have believed with all our heart and there was no need of any promised miraculous «cure-all pill» for body and soul. He just told us: «There are no incurable diseases. Just try it yourself!» And we dared to try to believe in us and in our own strength. And we succeeded!

Many of those who were suppressed by disease, bed ridden, excluded from life — have recovered or are still recovering now. They were readmitted to their Institutes, graduated, have found an interesting job, and now they look forward to the future and enjoy their life. Those women who had come with the severe diagnosis «infertility of unknown cause», have given birth and now they are happy mothers.

But the most important thing for us was the discovery of a huge, mysterious and therefore fascinating world. The most attractive feature of Doctor Konovalov’s Doctrine is not «miracleness», but its validity, confirmed by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who have recovered from diseases and have found meaning and purpose in life. We have found our Way. Our life vindicates every day the true value of the Information-Energy Doctrine. That’s why we are willing to communicate with each other, to tell our health gaining experience. It is very important to feel our unity and to breathe in unison. We are on our way to new knowledge and true health! Join us, our dear contemporary!

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