Immersion into spiral

Doctor Sergey Konovalov’s
Information-Energy Doctrine


“It is from the darkness, from the spiral that the Light of Life comes, that Life itself is born. But in order to understand the origins of life of the Universe and the Man it is necessary to immerse yourself into this spiral, it means to return into the darkness through the ray of the light and the shining of the stars”


The Information Energy Doctrine has been developing for thirty years, expanding its theoretical and practical base every day. It enters the life of a person who has lost all hope of salvation from a disease that enmeshed them like a spider’s web and sucks out all the juices of their life.

Sergey Konovalov's music


Преодоление. Живой Щит Организма в действии
Живой Щит Организма
Труды Института Информационной Медицины
Труды Института Информационной Медицины

Music and Conversations

Worlds Of The Universe

Studio recording of the Doctor’s healing conversations with the audience:

  1. We are entering the Worlds of the Universe.
  2. Worlds Of The Information Universe.
  3. I want to remind You of the bright joy with which the Soul enters the flesh, spiritualizing it…
  4. Night. Universe. Person.
  5. Dawn.
Lavender night Mood VI

Studio recording of musical works performed by the author.

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Dear contemporary! You have entered the planet of Dr. Konovalov. This site was created with the active participation of its followers to unite people who profess a single concept of perception of the world – Information and energy Teaching. What is it? You can’t answer with one word. But if You are looking for new discoveries in various branches of science, to learn about the world around you, and if you want to become a truly healthy person, look at the site materials.

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The Information Medicine Institute brings together scientists working in different fields. From a synthesis of disciplines and research areas that are increasingly important, these scientists aim to broaden our conceptions of the world, man, his habitat, his health, and his recovery methods.