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New Books by Professor S. Konovalov - Coming Soon
The new book by Professor S. Konovalov "Information Medicine - Call of the Future! Records of the Present" is coming out in June 2014
New Books by Professor S. Konovalov
The new book by Professor Sergey Konovalov "500 Important Ideas for Health and Happiness" is available.
Self-administered Questionnaire "The Effect of Treatment with Information Fields"
Dear friends! Time inevitably moves forward, and we should also be progressing...
Dr Sergey Konovalov's Books - Coming Soon
Dr Sergey Konovalov's new book "Medicine that We Do Not Know" is coming soon.
Dr Sergey Konovalov's Books - Coming Soon
A new book by Dr Sergey Konovalov "Distance Energy-Information Healing I. For Those Who are on the Way to Knowledge and Health" will be published soon.


  • Jesus Angel
    Madrid, Spain, 01.01.2017 17:26

    Dear Dr Konovalov,

    Please accept my sincere greetings for the New Year! As the New Year approaches I would like to show my respect ad gratitude to you, Professor, for always being our pillar of strength, epitome of willpower and symbol of character and integrity. You make the darkness of soul disappear by imparting light of your knowledge. So I wish you success in spreading the fire of knowledge and wisdom through your teachings in 2017. May this year be the best year by far, and may it bring endless joy and happiness to you. With thanks and appreciation, Jesus Angel.

  • Peter Müller
    , 20.04.2016 21:50

    Thank you very much!3

    Los Angeles, 09.10.2015 06:32

    Dear Dr. Konovalov,

    I have begun a treatment program at my clinic implementing your Information Medicine techniques and healing exercises as an essential supplement to Dr. Gariaev's Wave Genetics Protocol in order to achieve the maximal effectiveness in healing our cancer patients and other illnesses. I will publish the results.


    Dr. mark W. Berry

    Founder/Director of Medicine

    Dept. of Neuroscience

  • Yulia
    Brooklyn, New York, 04.04.2014 13:00

    Dear Doctor,
    happy birthday! Best wishes to you, as a Human being and a Prophet! This
    is such an honor to be able to write these words, even to be able to
    refer to you! All the best to You, to Your family, to Your loved ones,
    to people who believe in You! God Bless You! Yulia, Valentina

  • Jesus Angel
    Spain, 04.04.2014 12:00

    Dear Professor Sergey Konovalov:
    My best congratulations on your Birthday!
    The past year was very fruitful: it gives me great pleasure to felicitate you on the success of the Information-Molecular Medicine Branch and on your election for the Full Professor of Medicine.
    There are many grateful friends who will surely join me with sincere wishes of health, happiness and continued success in science researches for you!
    With warmest regards and good luck for a successful future!
    Yours sincerely,
    Jesus Angel, Dr of Philology, Spain

  • Lilita Skarbniece
    London United Kingdom, 02.10.2013 23:34

    Dear Doctor Konovalov!

    Thank You so much for your nice books and your job.I have your books in Russian.I am from Latvia,now emmigration in London.

    God will bless You all time!

    Thanks so much

    Ms Lilita Skarbniece

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