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New Books by Professor S. Konovalov - Coming Soon
The new book by Professor S. Konovalov "Information Medicine - Call of the Future! Records of the Present" is coming out in June 2014
New Books by Professor S. Konovalov
The new book by Professor Sergey Konovalov "500 Important Ideas for Health and Happiness" is available.
Self-administered Questionnaire "The Effect of Treatment with Information Fields"
Dear friends! Time inevitably moves forward, and we should also be progressing...
Dr Sergey Konovalov's Books - Coming Soon
Dr Sergey Konovalov's new book "Medicine that We Do Not Know" is coming soon.
Dr Sergey Konovalov's Books - Coming Soon
A new book by Dr Sergey Konovalov "Distance Energy-Information Healing I. For Those Who are on the Way to Knowledge and Health" will be published soon.

Doctor`s Books

Overcoming the ageing process

This is the second expanded edition of the book.

The book is dedicated to the problem that has long since really bothered many researchers.

Is it possible to return back to youth?

Is a human being able to overcome the ageing process?

And if it is possible, what should be done to cure the age-related illness and to start the physical and spiritual rebirth and renewal?

The above and other important questions will be answered in this book.

Doctor Konovalov offers in this book both the traditional point of view on the ageing problem and new information as expressed in his own Information-Energy Doctrine.

Supporting it are the accounts of many of his patients with the updated data on their health status.

Thanks to it we can trace the recovery curve of these patients and see how their life has changed since their first encounter with Doctor.

Besides, the Doctor's testimony is presented in a separate chapter of this book's edition.