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New Books by Professor S. Konovalov - Coming Soon
The new book by Professor S. Konovalov "Information Medicine - Call of the Future! Records of the Present" is coming out in June 2014
New Books by Professor S. Konovalov
The new book by Professor Sergey Konovalov "500 Important Ideas for Health and Happiness" is available.
Self-administered Questionnaire "The Effect of Treatment with Information Fields"
Dear friends! Time inevitably moves forward, and we should also be progressing...
Dr Sergey Konovalov's Books - Coming Soon
Dr Sergey Konovalov's new book "Medicine that We Do Not Know" is coming soon.
Dr Sergey Konovalov's Books - Coming Soon
A new book by Dr Sergey Konovalov "Distance Energy-Information Healing I. For Those Who are on the Way to Knowledge and Health" will be published soon.

Doctor`s Books

  • Series «Books That Heal»
  • A Return to Life. Breaking the Stereotypes

    A new book by a world-renowned physician Sergey Konovalov breaks the stereotypes about the inevitability of age-related changes, loss of physical strength and the extinction of intelligent possibilities.Thousands of Doctor’s patients -or students- have already proven that the Information-Energy Doctrine offers the ability to return to life for a person of any age; to an active life, healthy, full of new knowledge and achievements!
  • The most important thing I aspire to is the true recovery of everyone who has come to me!

    The way to gain true health is to gain knowledge, faith and patience. This book will become your friend and helper on this difficult path. Here you can find Dr Konovalov’s thoughts about the universe, man, causes of the emergence and development of diseases, stages of the path to one’s transformation, getting rid of ailments and making contact with the Energy of Creation in the Temple of science and health. Dr Konovalov’s words will spiritualize your path, increase your power, strengthen your faith and teach you to listen to your soul.
  • The Healing Light Coming From the Depths of the Universe!

    Open this book and read several lines. Listen to yourself … You will be in touch with Energy of Creation – the Energy of the life of our Universe, the power that can cure illnesses and heal wounds, physical and spiritual. The new book by professor Sergey Konovalov recollects the unique material –of the Doctor’s talks with the audience over the last 15 years. It is a collection of a huge amount of knowledge about the most important issues surrounding health and illness, the birth and life of our Universe, and the place of man in it. This work is of particular importance for those who study the Information-Energy Doctrine at a distance, as reading the book literally transports you into the Doctor’s educational-medical chamber, in the Temple of Health, where the voice of the Universe itself sounds.
  • I Can Take Your Pain Away!

    This book by Dr Sergey Konovalov is about the Medicine of the Future! With many reprints, more than 1.000.000 copies dispersed all over the world during the last 15 years, and hundreds of thousands of letters from healed people, this is the best proof that the Knowledge in this book is essential for people.
  • Doctor’s Word. About Life, Health and the Universe.

    This book features a new, previously unpublished Talk by Doctor. This is the second compilation of Dr Konovalov’s thoughts about the greatness of the Universe, about Man’s place in this infinitely great world, about the Soul and the Angel, and about health recovery and care. You will find extracts of letters from people who have found help in the Doctor’s books. The reflections and the kind words of encouragement will help you to find the answers to a variety of questions that you may face on your path to Health and Knowledge.
  • Information Medicine - Call of the Future! Records of the Present

    This book provides unique information that has never before been published: milestones of the history of Information Medicine, fundamental ideas and principles of this new science; results of scientific experiments on the way information fields interconnect with live cells and what molecules take part in the anti-cancer protection; authoritative reviews written by prominent scientists about Professor S. Konovalov's method; and many sincere and life-affirming messages from Doctor's students and patients.
  • 500 Important Ideas for Health and Happiness

    The new book by professor Sergey Konovalov offers you his most precise and deepest reflections about the greatness of our Universe, about man's place in the infinite world and about his Soul and his Angel. This book gives you precious advices on how to preserve, strengthen and recover your health and contains inspiring words of encouragement and love for you.
  • Medicine that We Do Not Know

    Hundreds of thousands of people have already visited the lectures of Professor Sergey Konovalov, Doctor of Medicine. More than 10 million people have already read his books... And his popularity is not accompanied with any advertising - it is supported only by people's voice. This voice tells us that Dr Konovalov and his books help people, unlike many of those who are promoted in all kinds of advertisements. And now, this book explains this phenomena of "strange healing" and describes in a highly detailed and accessible way why the illness disappears. It is very important!...
  • Distance Energy-Information Healing. For Those Who are on the Way

    It is a "light" version of the basic book "Distance Energy-Information Healing - II".
  • Distance Energy-Information Healing. 500 Answers to the Questions of Doctor's Patients

    This title brings together four previously published books of the cycle "Practice of Distance Healing. Dialogue with Doctor". The information from these books was grouped into categories, making it easier for the reader to select information in a particular field of interest, even if the reader is new to the subject.
  • To My Patient

    The new book by Dr Sergey S. Konovalov published to celebrate his Jubilee is dedicated to his patients. It consists of individual chapters of ten future books that Dr Konovalov is planning to publish during the next few years. This book offers an information that is highly needed today for Doctor's patients to use in their struggle against disease. Dr. Konovalov hopes that the chapters he has chosen will give the followers of the Information-Energy Doctrine a new look at the health improvement problems and will teach them to preserve their health in their new happy and reconsidered life.
  • Distance Energy-Information Healing

    It is a very long-awaited book. Not only tens of thousands of Doctor's patients of link-up sessions have been waiting for the book. Millions of people all over the Planet have been awaiting for it without knowing ahead of time what it was supposed to be and praying to God and to the Universe for help and salvation... The book is written and now it is in your hands, dear reader.
  • Distance Energy-Information Healing. Book II

    Each new book by Dr Konovalov appears at just the right moment, when it is most needed. This very book is highly needed today for those who accepted the Information-Energy Doctrine and held link-up Energy healing sessions at home. Why? After you have passed the initial stage of mastering skills of Energy of Creation invocation and entering in its Information fields and after you have achieved good results in overcoming of your disease, you feel how much you need to perfect the skills you have acquired during your interaction with the Energy of Creation's fields.
  • Happy Book

    This new book by Dr Sergey S. Konovalov is different from the previous books in its structure and content. It is composed of letters written by his happy patients and followers and Doctor's healing annotations to these letters. This book is a talisman that brings luck to Humankind. This book has taken on a life of its own, because its content is filled with happiness of Doctor's patients and followers.
  • The practical encyclopaedia of health

    This encyclopaedia tells us about healing of the prevailing diseases of the four most important systems of the organism: cardiovascular system, spinal column and articulations, digestive organs, female reproductive system.
  • Creation of the World

    Creation of the World, creation of Mankind and its evolution - this is the main content of this book that reveals horizons of new knowledge of the Information-Energy Doctrine to the readers.
  • Man and the Universe

    Dr Sergey S. Konovalov is a scientist who possesses an amazing power of teaching people how to restore their health. Knowledge and information contained in this book, have already helped tens of thousands of people to gain a true health.
  • The Way to Health

    The author of this book, Doctor Sergey S. Konovalov knows how to bring patients back to health, how to teach a man to struggle for his health.
  • Light of Distance Healing. Living Word

    The dream of millions of people has become true. Doctor's lectures and testimonies have been published. Dr. Konovalov call them "talks" in his message to readers. They contain Knowledge that came from the depth of the living Universe, voiced by Doctor during the healing sessions.
  • The Light of Love. Living Word. Book II

    There were numerous requests to publish Doctor's testimonies and lectures in a separate edition. After the publication of the first book of Doctor's testimonies, the following ones are awaited with increased expectation and emotion.
  • Soul Healing

    This book is devoted to Soul... The Soul - What is it? And what is the meaning of Angel? Is it just some idle fancy? Or, nonetheless, is it a reality? And if so, how can it be explained? What does a human being need an Angel for? And what should he do to live in accord with him? This book will give you answers on many of your asked and not-asked questions upon subjects that seemed to you unthinkable and unreal.
  • Overcoming the ageing process

    This is the second expanded edition of the book. The book is dedicated to the problem that has long since really bothered many researchers. Is it possible to return back to youth? Is a human being able to overcome the ageing process? And if it is possible, what should be done to cure the age-related illness and to start the physical and spiritual rebirth and renewal? The above and other important questions will be answered in this book.
  • Dialogue With Doctor. We Learn How To Get Healthy. Part 1.

    This new book written by Sergey S. Konovalov continues Doctor's dialogue with his external patients. They send a lot of letters to Doctor's Centre, narrate about the results of their treatment and ask questions about life's real problems. The most interesting questions from these letters form the basis of this book.
  • Dialogue With Doctor. Time of Amazing Discoveries. Part 2.

    Millions of people all over the planet already know the treatment method by link-up Energy sessions. They take part in this Energy treatment, enjoy the results, tell Dr Konovalov about it in their letters, and naturally ask him questions. These questions were collected under the title "Dialogue With Doctor" in the series "Books That Heal".
  • Practice of Distance Healing. Dialogue With Doctor. Part 3.

    Dr. Sergey S. Konovalov continues to answer questions from the external patients, and to explain the essential theses of the Information-Energy Doctrine. The book consists of individual chapters of the future books that Doctor is planning to publish in the next few years: "Thoughts Aloud or a Talk With Yourself", "Modern Man's Depression", "Russia - Look From Within".
  • Music of Healing. Dialogue with Doctor. Part 4.

    The books in the series "Dialogue with Doctor" expand our knowledge of the Information-Energy Doctrine, completing it with a new and very important information, crucial for the further effective distance Energy healing at home.
  • Heart and Vessels

    A multitude of people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerotic lesions start progressing in the organism since young age. What is the cause of this pathology? How does it develop and what should be done to prevent and cure it?
  • Vertebral Column and Articulation Diseases

    The author of this book is Doctor Sergey S. Konovalov, who has already helped to hundreds of thousands of incurably ill people. His sixth book is devoted to vertebral column and articulation diseases.
  • Women's Diseases

    Doctor Konovalov's book is dedicated to "female complaints". Dr. Konovalov talks about the causes of diverse female reproductive system diseases analysed in the light of the Information-Energy Doctrine, gives recommendations on how to cure the female reproductive system disorders and treats the problem of infertility.
  • Digestive Organs

    The digestive system treatment method of Dr Konovalov is a synthesis of current knowledge of contemporary medicine and constitutes a unique method that has been approved by years of excellent effectiveness and has been applied to thousands of Doctor's patients.
  • I Can Take Your Pain Away! The Energy of Creation

    This special revised edition of "I Can Take Your Pain Away" is one in a series of books produced in Russia under the collective title of "Books That Heal". Foreword to this edition by the Author: "This is my first book of the series "Books That Heal".
  • Science and Popular-Science Books by Dr Sergey S. Konovalov
  • Peptidergic Regulation Of Homeostasis

    Vladimir Kh. Khavinson, Igor M. Kvetnoy, Vadim V. Yuzhakov, Viktor V. Popuchiev, Sergey S. Konovalov. The original own results of the long -term authors' investigations, devoted to study of the role and significance of peptides in homeostasis regulation in norm, general pathological processes , and ageing are the basis of this book.
  • Biology of Tumor Growth (Molecular and Medical Aspects)

    Nikolay M. Anichkov, Igor M. Kvetnoy, Sergey S. Konovalov. This monograph summarizes the modern database on the nomenclature, classification, molecular and cellular biology, etiological factors and morphogenesis of tumor process.
  • Selected Lectures on Geriatrics

    Lectures on the most current questions of Gerontology and Geriatrics are presented in this book. This book deals with the modern principles of diagnostic, healing, prevention and rehabilitation of the leading pathology in the elderly.
  • Preventive Neuro-immune-endocrinology

    Sergey S. Konovalov. This monograph presents for the first time an all-encompassing and detailed analysis of the last and fundamental achievements in the field of the molecular bases of prevention of the risk factors for the development and progression of pathology.
  • Selected Lectures on Gerontology

    Vladimir Kh. Khavinson, Sergey S. Konovalov. This book presents a selection of lectures on Gerontology, devoted to the molecular/cellular mechanisms of ageing.
  • Lipids and Cancer. Essays on Lipidology of the oncology process.

    This book broadens significantly the contemporary ideas about the lipids and their role in the pathological formation of tumours. The fundamental classes of lipids that conform the basis of the lipid regulation are analysed in this monograph.
  • Geroprotectors in Age-related Pathology Prevention

    Vladimir V. Bezuglov, Sergey S. Konovalov. This monograph presents the results of experimental and clinical studies on endogenous bioregulators in the prevention and the correction of age-related changes in the organism.
  • Series «Round Table of Dr Sergey Konovalov»
  • Melatonin – the Conductor of the Health

    Sergey S. Konovalov, Igor M. Kvetnoy. This book deals with melatonin, an extraordinary hormone, one of the most ancient biochemical components of an organism, and a fundamental regulator of the biorhythms which control body activities and processes.
  • Magical Molecules of Health

    Igor M. Kvetnoy, Sergey S. Konovalov. In this book, Dr Sergey S. Konovalov, author of the series of "Books that heal", begins a new series of books called "Round Table of Dr Sergey Konovalov".
  • English Language Editions
  • I Can Take Your Pain Away. Special English edition.

    This special revised edition of "I Can Take Your Pain Away" is one in a series of books produced in Russia over the last ten years under the collective title of "Books That Heal".
  • Overcoming the Ageing Process. Special English edition.

    The book is dedicated to the problem that has long since really bothered many researchers. Is it possible to return back to youth? Is a human being able to overcome the ageing process?
  • Dr. Sergey S. Konovalov Presents
  • Health in Motion!

    This book is addressed to a wide public. It will be useful to anyone who wants to obtain and maintain a good physical form, but who cannot go to the gym for one reason or another.